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The Boys & Girls Club of Nampa is a drop-in program. Children 6 to 18 years of age are welcome and supervised in the facility on terms of safety and citizenship.  Our operating hours for our afterschool program is Monday through Friday from 2:30 – 6:30 pm.  Please see our Calendar for Closure days as well as full days.   The Boys & Girls Club of Nampa charges $20.00 per child per year.

Busing is available from all of the Nampa Public Schools.  The Club offers age appropriate programs for members 6 -12 years old that include; homework help, billiards, board games, art activities, sports, and social interaction.

Nampa School District Bus Schedule 

Elementary School

Bus # Departure Time Arrival Time
Centennial #11 3:55 pm 4:30 pm
Central #149 3:42 pm 3:51 pm
East Valley #15 2:57 pm 3:20 pm
Endeavor #8 3:18pm 3:25 pm
Greenhurst #149 3:13 pm 3:35 pm
ID Arts Charter #45 3:37 pm 3:57 pm
Iowa #15 3:52 pm 4:10 pm
Legacy Charter #142 2:58 pm 3:21 pm
Liberty/Victory #116 2:50pm 3:26 pm
Lone Star #6 2:41 pm 4:03 pm
New Horizons #94 3:47 pm 4:11 pm
Owyhee #16 3:45 pm 4:10 pm
Park Ridge #15 3:11 pm 3:20 pm
Reagan #8 3:17 pm 3:30 pm
Roosevelt #11 4:05 pm 4:30 pm
Sherman #149 3:23 pm 3:35 pm
South #6 2:51 pm 4:03 pm
Sunny Ridge #6 3:19 pm 4:03 pm
West Middle #8 2:52 pm 3:30 pm
Willow Creek #6 3:40 pm 4:03 pm

Power Hour

During our after school program members are encourage to join Power Hour.  Power hour helps Club members ages 6 -12 be more successful in school by providing homework help and tutoring and encouraging members to become self-directed learners.  The Boys & Girls Club of Nampa has Power Hour everyday after school days from 4:30 -5:30 pm.  Every time a club member finishes his/her homework in Power Hour they receive a Power Hour Point.  At the end of the month each member that received 10 Power Hour Points will be able to participate in the Power Hour Party.

Our staff does not grant permission for kids to leave the Club, nor do we insist they stay.   The decision as to when a child arrives and leaves the Club, and with whom, is a matter handled between parent/guardian and child.


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